Thank you!

Thank you!

Through the awesome generosity of our friends we have been able to clothe 30 children at our local school.  With winter promising to be chilly, your generosity makes a huge difference.  We have managed to purchase 2 long trousers, vests, shirts, jersey, jacket and shoes per child for under $100 per person!

Imbasa would like to thank the following for their continuous support in clothing the children as well as supporting our projects:

Darrell Noblitt, Matt Rigdon, Lance Odom, Dr Mitch Henry, Terry Bennett, Christopher, Dan and Nathan Lepper, Helene, Niklas, Johan and Therese Soderholm, Hoyos family, Amanda Bjorklund, Anita Wegelius, Ulf Karlsson, Joe Mazukelli, Karl Schaffer, Alexandra Duchan, Helena von der Esch, Louise Anggard, Patrick Moks, Grant Strachan, Rob Birch Family, Zeta and Friends, Jim Burnworth and Media Jungle TV family, Moks family

Your support is valued.  This project is an Imbasa Safari and Hunt The Sun initiative and continues to be the support organisation for our local community.  We are accountable for any funds donated by you and no funds are used for administration, labour of fuel costs, this is our contribution.  We therefore are able to show 100% assistance to our project for any donation received.

Thank you

Kimberley, Northern Cape

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Hunting Areas

At Imbasa Lodge, situated close to Kimberley in the Northern Cape, we offer rifle hunting and bow hunting, with experienced professional hunters and the best local trackers. On our 2000 hectares of savannah bushveld grounds you will find plenty of plains game. We also offer 30000 hectares of hunting concessions in the immediate surrounding areas. We have over 20 different antilope species, including Kudu, Gemsbuck, Lechwe, Impala, Red Hartebeest ,Springbuck, Blesbuck, as well as Zebra Giraffe and Buffalo. and all the other common plains game species, and offers some unique hunting experiences.

Our concessions in the Eastern Cape, consisting of 30 000 hectares, includes Eerenkroontz and Brentwood. This is the ideal habitat for Bush buck, Klipspringer, Mountain Rheebuck, Vaal Rheebuck as well as Duiker, Steenbuck etc.

We also offer bird shooting at Imbasa and our concessions approx 2 hours drive from Johannesburg. The grounds are around 5000 hectares with wild birds including species such as partridges, francolins, guinea fowls and geese.

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