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Our outreach programme supports the village Hayfield where many of our staff members grew up. It is a tiny spot, a dusty dry place without even the luxury of basics such as a shop or kiosk. The community are the remnants of the salt mine, a few ruined houses occupied by mostly older people. The younger folk might work in town or on neighbouring farms if they can find employment often leaving the children to be raised by elderly grandparents in the community. The scourges of poverty are blatant, alcoholism especially is a huge problem. Unemployment is rife but more concerning is the dismal standard of education that the children are experiencing.

The school currently offers Grade 1 – Grade 7 with 56 children crammed into 2 small classrooms. While the teaching staff are willing and make an effort they too get despondent with the lack of facilities and assistance that is offered to them. We are not talking about the lack of the latest tech audio visual aids yes these are important but the needs are simpler it’s about basics, equipment such as desks, paper, pencils not to mention computers, classrooms and yes a full tummy to learn on every day. The Govt feeding scheme sponsors each child a daily meal, often the only one they will get but what does one buy for a few cents a day? Yet somehow they manage, most goes to cooking gas and hiring a taxi to go purchase the foods but with a little initiative the teaching staff produce a meal, often only soup (with no meat) or a jello sandwhich with a juice, often far more than they would get at home. Imbasa Safari has helped the school build fences around and plant a veggie garden which is vital for the children.

Clients visiting Imbasa Safari have made generous donations and these have been put to good causes such as assisting the school with basic needs and also with the basic needs of the children such as buying clothes. Imbasa Safari will not utilize any of these funds for administration costs and therefore 100% of the donations are used for a tangible project. Administration, Imbasa Safari salaries, fuel, transport, labour etc. are our input to the project, we bear these costs so that your donation goes 100% to a tangible project, so yes you can make a difference! We manage these projects privately so your donation is not through government but directly to the school. As we bear the admin costs such as fuel, wages etc, your donation goes 100% to a deserving project. In order to be completely transparent a full set of books will be made available on request.

We thank all our guest who have made donations!

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Hunting Areas

At Imbasa Lodge, situated close to Kimberley in the Northern Cape, we offer rifle hunting and bow hunting, with experienced professional hunters and the best local trackers. On our 2000 hectares of savannah bushveld grounds you will find plenty of plains game. We also offer 30000 hectares of hunting concessions in the immediate surrounding areas. We have over 20 different antilope species, including Kudu, Gemsbuck, Lechwe, Impala, Red Hartebeest ,Springbuck, Blesbuck, as well as Zebra Giraffe and Buffalo. and all the other common plains game species, and offers some unique hunting experiences.

Our concessions in the Eastern Cape, consisting of 30 000 hectares, includes Eerenkroontz and Brentwood. This is the ideal habitat for Bush buck, Klipspringer, Mountain Rheebuck, Vaal Rheebuck as well as Duiker, Steenbuck etc.

We also offer bird shooting at Imbasa and our concessions approx 2 hours drive from Johannesburg. The grounds are around 5000 hectares with wild birds including species such as partridges, francolins, guinea fowls and geese.

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